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Notifications: how does it work?


How do I make a notification on the PC?

-  You can now find a location on the map by zooming in or by clicking on 
    enter the magnifying glass and an address or place name.

-  Once you have found the correct location, click on the '  '. Then you can
    Choose notification category, give a description of the notification and a photo
Add    .

-  Now click on 'Save'. Your message will appear in red on the map.

-  You can also cancel your report by clicking on 'Cancel', or on the cross of the
    pop-up frame.


ANDROID_Tekengebied 1.png

How do I make a notification on my Android device?

-  Open the app and press 'New Notification'.

-  Choose the right category, take a photo by clicking on the camera icon

    (or choose one from your gallery) and describe it.

-  Click 'Submit'.

-  Depending on your settings, your photo will be sent immediately, or only when you
    device establishes a Wi-Fi connection. Where you can set this, you will findhere.

    You will receive a pop-up notification once your report has been sent. Depending on your      connection, this may be fast or may take a little longer.

apple_Tekengebied 1.png

How do I make a notification on my iOSgear (Apple)?

-  Open the app and press the green 'new notification' icon at the bottom right.

-  Choose the right category and give a description. Then go through a photo on the

    camera icon.

-  Press 'Send'. Once your report has been sent, you will get a pop-up notification here      _bbf-319405-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _ccdecc781905-56 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     from. Depending on your connection, this can go quickly or take a little longer.

Notifications: how, it doesn't work?

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I can't press the 'New Notification' button.

If this fails, the app will not receive a GPS signal.

The GPS sometimes needs time to locate the exact location of your device . This also depends on the quality of the device and even the weather has an influence on this.

If you want to make a report and it doesn't work right away, it's best to wait a few minutes and try again.

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apple_Tekengebied 1.png

I get the message: You are not in a region where notifications are supported.

When you get this message, the app is not receiving a GPS signal or you are in an area where Route Checker is not active. 

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apple_Tekengebied 1.png

Can I change or delete my notification?

You can only add photos to previously created notifications; it is not possible to change the description. You can find your notifications on the map or under 'My Notifications'.

You cannot delete created reports.  In case of a wrong report, it is best to create a new report with the correct information. The administrator will delete the error message and continue working with the correct message.

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apple_Tekengebied 1.png

I can no longer find a certain notification category.

Some categories are specially chosen by an organization and are therefore location specific. When you suddenly can't find a category anymore, you are outside the region to which that category is attached.

It is also possible that your device's GPS is not accurate enough, causing your device to think that you are outside the region. If you are registered, you can check this on your PC by checking 'My Regions'. You will then see a green outline around the region to which your organization belongs.

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