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The app

Simply create notifications with your android or iOS device. You will be kept informed of the status of your report.

The app is available to everyone and can be used with or without identification. 

The administrator module

Manage all incoming notifications in a clear way. Convert a notification into a task and simply communicate with the reporter and the executor.

Managing is measuring.  Several tables and statistics give you an insight into incoming notifications, performed tasks, etc..

mydipla tablet_Tekengebied 1.png

The Executor App

Use the executor app to follow up on tasks.

The  tasks are clearly arranged on a map or in a list. Notify the administrator of the performed tasks.

Time registration of the execution is also possible.

3P link

Easily forward tasks to you

3P system. Photos and locations will be sent along. When a task is completed, you simply link it back to Routechecker. This keeps the 2 systems up-to-date.

rc schema_3p-02-01.png

The Routing Algorithm

Routechecker has a unique routing algorithm. We only forward notifications made on your domain. Whether it is walking paths, industrial estates, parks, streets or overlapping areas, the report will reach you.

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