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1 App for all notifications and task management

A solution

Managing notifications isn't always easy. Routechecker offers a fully digital solution to manage all your notifications. Turn notifications into tasks and forward them to the executor.

Communication between the different actors takes place digitally.

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You save time and money

Routechecker helps you to let reporters, administrators and executors work together perfectly. Reports are resolved faster due to efficient management and tasks are forwarded to the most suitable executor.

You keep everything tidy

That's why we do it, right? We keep our public domain and our private areas tidy and maintained. Visitors, users and employees see the efforts in the field and have a pleasant experience.

You motivate employees

Whether it concerns employees, volunteers or citizens, with Routechecker you simply communicate with all reporters via the app and keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of reports and tasks. This keeps everyone involved and motivated.


You no longer have to send emails, print cards or reports. Routechecker and its various modules communicate completely digitally.

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At Routechecker we are convinced that

our solution can be an added value for your organization.

Are you a domain administrator?  

Are you a park manager or route manager?

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